Washington State Programs

Our Approach

IFD provides a range of family counseling programs throughout Washington state. Each program is designed a little differently, but they have some things in common. Most of our programs are designed for families who are involved in the child welfare system, the juvenile justice system, or utilizing mental health crisis response services. Because of this, families usually receive a referral to work with us from their state assigned caseworker, probation officer, or local crisis team.

Evidence-based Programs

Our programs follow a design called a "model." Each counselor is trained in that specific model and expected to deliver it according to its design. Most of our programs, like Homebuilders and PCIT, are considered “evidence-based,” meaning that the model has been researched and shown to be effective. Others, like FPS, are not considered evidence-based programs, but they incorporate research and evidence-based approaches such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).

In-home Services

Our services are delivered in the family home in order to remove barriers to participation. This also allows counselors to gain a better understanding of the family situation and work with the family in their natural environment.

Time-limited and Flexible

The length and intensity of services varies by program from our most intensive and short-term program (Homebuilders) to our longest program 2 years (WISe). Most services can be adjusted to fit the unique needs, schedule, and culture of each family. We strive to be responsive and flexible in each of our programs. 


Our counselors adopt a strengths-based and skill-building approach. This helps families identify and use the skills and resources they already have, as well as learn new skills to address the challenges they are experiencing. Families learn skills such as communication, emotion management, organization, home safety, and effective parenting. We believe that teaching skills empowers and equips families to address problems on their own in the future.

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