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Make a Difference in the Lives of Children and Families

IFD maintains a flexible, engaged, and collaborative work environment. Our clinical staff are a diverse group of counselors, social workers, and marriage and family therapists who are trained to deliver high quality evidence-based or promising programs. Services are typically provided in families' homes.

Reasons to Work at IFD

Make a difference. IFD's flagship Homebuliders model has an 88% success rate for keeping children safely in their homes. We have been leaders in the field of child welfare for over 20 years, and we help shape state and national policy in ways that support our clients.
Join the largest provider of “evidence-based programs” for child welfare in Washington State.
Be part of a supportive, team-based environment.
Participate in extensive classroom and on-the-job training.
Earn great benefits, including 11 holidays, 15 vacation days, 10 sick days and 2 personal days per year.
Maintain a flexible schedule that allows you to attend to your own family and personal needs as things come up.
Meet clients where they are. By meeting in client homes, we remove many of the barriers of traditional therapy and are able to coach families in their natural environment.

Our Values


The safety of clients, staff, and the community is our highest priority.


Our programs and staff are accountable, measured by model fidelity, program outcomes, and consumer satisfaction.


It is our job to engage and motivate clients. We make our services accessible by serving clients in their own homes, on a flexible schedule, tailoring services to match the family.


We are committed to an anti-racist, equitable, and inclusive agency culture. Clients and staff are to be treated with respect, fairness, and dignity, honoring their culture, beliefs, languages, abilities, and values.


Better results are achieved when decision-making includes those affected by it. We treat clients as colleagues and staff as partners.


All people can change. Clients are empowered by building on their strengths and learning new skills.
I love having a great team

"I love having a great team where we all support one another by sharing ideas, laughs, food, and covering for one another if needed; I love having a great supervisor who is supportive and understanding; and finally I love having good benefits, training opportunities, and flexible work hours."

- Homebuilders Therapist, Spokane County

I love working for an agency

"I love working for an agency that invests the bulk of its resources in its staff. This is clear recognition that the employees are the agency's most valuable resource."

- Trainer/Homebuilders Consultant

At IFD, I am

"At IFD, I am working to fulfill a mission that I wholeheartedly believe in. "

- Homebuilders Therapist, Yakima County

When issues arise,

"When issues arise, whether it is client, staff, or policy, IFD lands on what I think is an ethically right decision, even if it is controversial or creates challenges. We do the right thing, from the top down."

- Supervisor in Clark County

The flexibility of this job

"The flexibility of this job has allowed me to be the kind of parent I want to be."

- FFT Therapist in Skagit County

I like the mixture

"I like the mixture of working with a team of caring people whose views are similar to my own, and being independent in the field."

- Therapist providing FPS, CFI, FSS, PCIT, & Safecare services in Kitsap County

I love that I have flexible

"I love that I have flexible hours and am able to put my family first when needed. I love that I whole heartedly believe in our agency's mission of keeping families together. Last but certainly not least I love my supervisor and my coworkers!"

- Therapist providing FPS, CFI, & PCIT services in Clark County

This agency takes better care

"This agency takes better care of its employees than any other place I've worked."

- Homebuilders Therapist, Yakima County

Everyone at IFD

"Everyone at IFD is treated with respect. I think that comes from hiring people who are true to the values of what therapy is about, and who incorporate those values into their daily lives."

- Homebuilders Therapist in Lewis & Thurston Counties

I really appreciate

"I really appreciate the high level of trust that is placed in each of us. I have never felt micromanaged in the least, but rather empowered to make decisions for myself and my client families."

- FFT Therapist in Whatcom County

It's hard to put into words

"It's hard to put into words how nurturing of an experience working for IFD is, it's what I have always thought counselors and social workers working together should look and feel like."

- Homebuilders Therapist in Clark County

I am constantly

"I am constantly blown away by the skills our therapists demonstrate, and their dedication to the families we serve."

- Homebuilders Supervisor, Island, Skagit & Whatcom Counties

I love serving

"I love serving the people in MY community."

- Therapist providing FPS, PACT, PCIT, & Safecare services in King County

By providing support

"By providing support through my accounting duties, I feel as though I'm helping children and families. This gives me a profound sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction."

- Accountant, IFD Headquarters

Being able to assist

"Being able to assist families in working through challenges when they occur is invaluable... I get to see them grow, change, and practice using new skills in the moment."

- Homebuilders Therapist in Spokane County

I work here because

"I work here because our services help people and make a difference in their lives. I believe in our mission statement."

- Secretary

I love meeting families

"I love meeting families with incredible resiliency and desire to engage in services to help their children, and I love learning of new resources in the community and establishing relationships with other providers."

- Homebuilders Therapist, Spokane County


"Our therapists are a tight-knit group. They are eager to learn new skills and concepts, they aren't afraid to be vulnerable, and they give the families they work with their 'all'. I am so grateful to be working with them."

- Homebuilders Supervisor, Skagit & Snohomish Counties

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15 paid vacation days in the first year, with 2.5 additional days each year to maximum of 20 days

Sick Leave

10 days of sick leave + 2 personal days


11 holidays annually


Traditional or Roth 401K
Annual employer contribution (historically 5%)

Medical and Dental

Medical - staff pay only 6% of premiums
Optional FSA or HSA plans
Dental reimbursement plan

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

As a non-profit 501(c)3, IFD is an eligible employer for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program:

Other Benefits

Employee Assistance Program
Life and AD&D insurance ($10,000 each)
Long term disability insurance
Option to purchase additional life and AD&D, supplemental medical, and vision insurance

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