Wraparound with Intensive Services - WISe

Program Characteristics
Wraparound with Intensive Services (WISe) is a new approach to helping Medicaid-eligible children, youth, and their families with intensive mental health care. Services are provided in the youth's home and community, and offer a system of care based on the individualized needs of the child or youth. WISe is designed to provide comprehensive mental health services. The goal of the program is for youth to live and thrive in their homes and communities, avoid delinquency, and avoid disruptive out-of-home placements. WISe promotes youth development, maximizing their potential to grow into healthy and independent adults.

WISe is based on a team approach to care that is guided and driven by the youth and family. The team facilitates a process for the youth and family to set goals that meet the youth's needs and develop an individualized care plan based on the youth and family's strengths.

The program includes intensive care coordination and mental health treatment; support services; peer support; and crisis outreach services. Our WISe team provides services on a flexible schedule to accommodate youth and families by working evenings and weekends, and by responding to mental health crises 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no limit on the length of services provided. The average length of WISe services is between nine and eighteen months.

Population Served
WISe is for Medicaid-eligible youth, birth - 21 years old, who are experiencing mental health symptoms that disrupt or interfere with their functioning at home, school, or with peers.

How to Make a Referral
Anyone can make a referral for WISe services, including youth and family. IFD's WISe program is one of six different agencies offering WISe in Spokane County. Some basic demographic information is all that's required to initiate a referral. Referrals can be made over the telephone or in writing. Once Medicaid eligibility is verified by the agency, a trained staff completes the Child & Adolescent Strengths & Needs (CANS) screening to determine if the youth is eligible for the program. The CANS screening may be done in person or by telephone. All eligible youth are offered an intake within 10 days of when eligibility is determined. IFD collaborates with the other WISe agencies to ensure that youth can be enrolled in services with a WISe team as soon as possible.

Outcome Data
The intended service outcomes are individualized to each youth and family. Support is offered to ensure the youth can live successfully in their homes and communities and make positive and informed decisions regarding their care and lives, with an avoidance of hospitalizations and out-of-home placements. The WISe program staff use a data-driven tool called the Child & Adolescent Needs & Strengths (CANS) which identifies youth and family strengths, prioritizes needs and measures progress over time.

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